Tuesday, August 7, 2012

religious or ridiculous?

humans beings are creatures which will not falter until they find the truth, it is always in their nature to be curious, questions after questions in decades past always emerged always questioning their very existence or what role do we humans play in this diverse universe. How do we mere humans come to exist in the first place? everything must always have a beginning it is even stated in rational science that "matter could not exist without a catalyst" that leads many of us to conclude that there "is" a divine power at work, a force with unimaginable power orchestrating the vast universe composing everything in perfect harmony we see before our very eyes.. How could any rationale mind stare at the heavens the star, moon and the sun without believing that there is a greater power at work? 

This greater power has always humbled and awes humankind for many millenia that's why we have worshiped this divine being for ages. but.. is because of fear? or simply because humans has always subdue themselves willingly to a higher power according to hobbesian philosophy? how do we come to worship this divine being in the first place? this questions still plagued my mind up till today. It comes  in many and different names Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Deva, Buddha etc.. or generally known by many as "god" it seems that various cultures in this world has various interpretations of this divine being, a metaphor i would describe for this phenomenon would be a person viewing through a kaleidoscope that could see different variations of luminescent colors that's how i perceive how human society perceives god. Which leads one such as myself to argue, is religion really the only means to understand our creator is it just a cultural thing? many cultures were shaped based on our interpretations of their god but all share the same similar qualities 

i consider myself a believer in a higher power, but i don't believe in religion in general since i believe it to be corrupt, man made and manipulated by power hungry war mongers  who blatantly say that they have the answer to your salvation  in the afterlife. I have no intentions of bashing those with believes different than my own or nor do i have the intention of forcing you to see through my eyes. I wouldn't consider myself a religious individual in fact some would say im so far from it, although i was born Muslim born from very moderate parents i still have many questions left unanswered to make me embrace this notion of religion of all faiths in general. Fighting over the notion of "who has the right god" is as nonsense as two people fighting over their favorite flavor of ice cream for me to sum it up "why bother?". I heard this really good metaphor once that god is a destination we wanted to reach and people are riding several vehicles trying to get to the same destination. Some ride cars, boats, planes train or bicycles different methods but all with the same goal: to reach that one particular place

I believe based on experiences and all the people i affiliated myself with that in general all religions share the same common values of compassion towards others, humility, non confrontational and helping those less fortunate so i dont believe in such a thing as a bad religion just really sick and twisted people who uses religion as a tool to justify his barbaric actions against fellow human beings. You cant deny the bloody atrocities done by the so -called "religious individuals" in past and present and the blood count is still piling up.

Devotees of various religions follow their respective religious scripture and i  highlight the fact that we interpret those ideas in our own respective ways based on their level of intelligence. So how come one claim that their way is the right way? makes no sense to me whatsoever. So you decide bad religion or bad people? religious or just plain ridiculous?

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