Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Interview

Dwinda or Dwin for short
-Age and birth date?
22 years birthday 25 August 1989
-Favorite color?
Brown, green and white
-Top interests?
the outdoors, back packing, a good book, good food, travelling, shotokan karate, philosophy, world affairs, debating, psychology, volunteer work, sudoku and badminton
-Best traits?
Independence, adaptability, open minded, discipline and diplomatic
-Special Talents?
Studying, learning new languages, organizational skills, reading people, cooking, debating, memorizing facts and reading people
-Unusual interests?
day dreaming, reading peoples temperament, eating ridiculously spicy food
being waken up, going hungry, waiting and not enough sleep
-coffe or tea?
ginger tea, or green tea thank you!
-A thing you always carry?
A pen
-A thing you cant live without?
My bed!
-Most frequent words used?
"i knew it!"
-Favorite quote?
A man who asks questions is a fool for a minute, a man who does not ask questions is a fool for life (confucius)
-Biggest dream?
being the next UN secretary general
-short term goal?
too loose weight:(

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