Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unsaid Words

Listen you!
Is it that simple for you to smile when i utter those vulnerable words?
Is it that simple for you to unconsciously say that you care but you left me in the dark?
Is it fair for me when you said you wanted to continue yet watched me while doing nothing as i stumble?
Is it fair to me that i added an extra weight in my head while you run scott free?

Don't you realize...?
Its easier for me to run away and bury all those emotions but i chose not too?
That i stayed even though it means swallowing my heart?
That i crossed that barrier into unknown territory way out of my comfort zone?
That dreading the future prospects only makes me feel self pity?

Why are you..
There when you could be anywhere else?
Leaving it up to me? when all options seems sad and depressing?
Testing me as to see how far could i bare my pain?
Saying that youre sad if things turn out bad and there is nothing i could do about it too?

falling bellow expectations? maybe
youre there, while it seems that im just gazing at a distance
youre there, knowing there is nothing i could do
youre there, watching me wanting to lash out but came out in silence
am i a pushover?

did i make questionable choices? the heart is really a mysterious thing...
How long can this impenetrable fortress withstand a full assault?
its easier to run... run.. and never look back but what am i running from?
do i fear you? yes.. do i want to be with you? yes
where can there be a consensus from me and maybe you? 

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