Saturday, March 31, 2012

Graduating in Summer 2013!

I'm graduating from CSUN next summer! my time here feels so short, 4 semesters in total so far with approximately 45 credits to go including my majors subject (not bad for an international student!) For me this means pushing my self even harder to graduate with a good standing i have plans to take graduate studies elsewhere lets hope i get into UCSD International Relations program i really want to go there! i have backup plans as well if i didn't get my desired program, im currently thinking of taking Chinese for a year in Beijing or look for other universities in Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands. Lets just hope i can get the classes needed for me to graduate before CSUN gets even more pricier (hey i have international student fess to worry about since i pay triple the regular amount!) im so psyched lets do this!

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