Sunday, March 4, 2012


Im always up to date with my posts for this blog (except for last week) and im only missing one entry for that following week! My prof asked me to write the reason for my procrastination for last week's blog post in this weeks assigned entry so that's exactly what i'm going to do. Last week post about making fan labor for our books was hard! usually i would have given every assignment my best effort but this one was too much of a hassle imagine choosing from either making fan art, do a cos-play, or make  fan fiction! I've never done any of those things! so picking one out of the other was difficult especially for something i don't particularly like! sci-fi for that matter! (thank you sincerely proff). So i spent most of my time pondering what i should do before i decided to make a fan fiction which for me was the easiest to do, but what to write about is a whole different story considering i had my POLS 225 exam in the following day! So instead of getting stuck with no inspiration i decided to focus more on my test which luckily i aced (yeah!) and did my entry on the following night. I guess that's no excuse i could have multi-tasked like i usually do but i guess my "spirit" wasn't in the assignment itself put it short i didn't like it! so i will try to avoid in the future.

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