Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Embarrassing Failure?

i was suppose to post one of my recent failures in this post but truthfully i can think of anything embarrassing worth posting lately! well there was this one incident which involves the steep stairs outside the Oviatt library and a very sore "behind" which i can still feel now it all happened during the last day of midterms before holidays in Thursday 29! i always make trips to the library at lease every time i wait between classes if i have nothing better to do usually revising for my next class or finishing due assignments its been a habit ever since i got to CSUN, i have the tendency to read books while walking to make my time more efficient completely ignoring my surroundings (bad habit) especially if im quite absorbed in reading my notes or reference books ive been told several times by a good friend that "one of these days you will either slam into the pole, bump into someone hard or tumble down a steep stairs". Well guess what? i choose to ignore that advice because it had never happened before but call it bad luck the third point made by my friend happen1 i was rushing to my next class reading my notes as i go down the Oviatt steps outside WHAM, THUD, THUD! i trip several flights of stairs and landed on my butt!! A nice guy tried to help me up asking whether im ok which i shrugged of by saying "im fine thanks" despite my aching butt (i have my pride and damn that was embarrassing!) i can feel my butt occasionally ache when i woke up in the morning maybe i should get it checked hahah.. for those of you with similar habits "pay attention to your surroundings or don't space out in public" you can end up with serious pain or utter humiliation! I guess i learned it the hard way...

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