Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life's Choices: A personal Reflection

Its' like taking a step into the past reminiscing the times we spent in kindergarten, teachers would make you stand in front of the class asking you the classic and cliched question of: "what do you want to become in life?", it seems like a simple question back then since we find no trouble in answering that question with random things such as a doctor, policeman, like my dad etc. But i guess that's due to our inexperience as a child which views the world in such simple terms call it "overly optimistic" but i guess that we were not to blame since we were not yet exposed to the harshness of reality and as we grow up we felt as though we were slapped back into reality and finding out the sudden realization that life is not that simple.
Fate: pre-destined or illusions of freedom? could i accept the fact that my life was already laid out in front of me? is there such a thing as bad or good choices? its a difficult thing to process.. one couldn't deny that there exists a huge gap between the fortunate and the not so unfortunate but why did it become so? are they there by choice or destiny was already written for them since the day they were born? could it be possibly that we are mere pawns of fate with no hope of deviation? its quite depressing to think about it
"We struggle, work and get our education then were all set" is it really that simple? there's no denying the fact that some people have more choices than others, and like a simple notion of natural selection some thrive while others fall. Does destiny play a huge role in orchestrating the dynamics we see in our day to day life? were people destined to become weak, poor, vulnerable while others become strong, wealthy and powerful? i have always heard people telling me that life isn't fair so get use to it do we humans even have a choice to alter our fate?
Everyone has dreams there's no denying that fact, but in the end i guess that we cant get everything that we want.. i guess the notion of fate is inevitable but i do believe its up to us individuals to make the best of it, our struggle to succeed will be our driving force to make the best out of our fate. We struggle to become better and achieve great things in life but in the end perhaps some things was not meant to be, the notion of success inst always 100% guaranteed like a simple game of probability i believe we each have a role to play but i guess the beauty of life lies in the fact of figuring it out ourselves. I guess metaphorically that a long journey is not only about the point of getting from one place to another, but what we individuals do in the journey to get to our destination. In the end i guess its all about the process we undergo to get to our pre-destined fate and making the best in off our journey. These experiences nurtures us, strengthen us to face hardships that may come to pass and become a core foundation of your character.
I know one thing for sure: what ever challenges i face i will face it head on and do my best to overcome it that's the "choice" i will make if things get tough ill suck it up and move on. "use your heart as your light, your head as a compass and your dreams as provisions as you make way for a long journey" In the end i believe that in the end that humans were born to make the "impossible possible" life is perhaps pre-destined but we humans have a choice to make the best out of it. In the end we all fight for survival in this harsh reality called life

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