Sunday, May 13, 2012

Final Reflection On Project Web

Project Web is one of the most innovative ways in teaching language in general. Due to the nature of the internet, the writer is exposed to audiences world wide and gives people a whole new opportunity to establish networks and connections. Technology nowadays is the most efficient and fastest way to share information, and by exposing this kind of technology to students in general it allows students to fully adjust themselves to the dynamics of new age information technology.
Project web for this class has been a exciting opportunity to take the notion of writing to a whole new level! it exposes us to a wide array of audiences outside the classroom and engages people directly with our own ideas and writings. Overall this project is one of the most up to date and unique ways in teaching languages, it encourages students to write in a fun way and i do believe the key of mastering something is either by loving it or try to learn it in a fun way and project web proves this notion as a whole

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