Thursday, May 10, 2012

Personal Reflection On The Class


one-does-not-simply-a - one does not simply finish projects for this class without less than an hour sleep

English 114 B has been one of the most busiest class i had to go through during all my time in CSUN and that's coming from someone who has to cope with papers everyday due to his major! (like me). Imagine the horrors of having to read an entire science fiction book and make summaries all through winter break! Thank you sincerely Sean for that head splitting headache you provided the class with during winter break.. But overall this class has been a great learning opportunity and a fun class to participate in, given that Sean isn't your'e average lecturer who always manages to create unique and revolutionary projects for the class to participate in which involves video games, blogs and a thick science fiction novel (the nerve..) As someone who's native language is not English i will gladly admit that this class has improved my writing skills and overall knowledge of the English language exponentially! Sean has managed to make his students better critical thinkers and better writers as a whole, im sure it will benefit me in the long run as I continue to pursue our higher education here at CSUN.
Among all the impressions Sean has given in class, he strikes me as one of the most patient and tolerable lecturer i have ever met! he always manages to tolerate numerous procrastination from his students and always gives us generous time extension for us to submit our project! (not that i'm complaining). Despite all this he really has high expectations for his students which is a motivation for his students on itself or at least for me. Overall the whole semester has been a challenging and engaging experience which pushes me to better myself further in being able to compete with my other classmates. Originality, time management, writing skills and creativity are the many traits this class has taught me. This class has made me realize that I still have a lot to learn and there's definitely  room for improvement but i can guarantee that my time in English 114 B is one of my most memorable classes i had taken at CSUN. And off course i have high expectations for my grades for this class given that this is one of my favorite:)

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