Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Journey So Far

To be honest i dont know what to write about, but out of all the dull things i could do in this blog this one seems the easiest one to do.. at first i thought of articles, journals and even pictures! and guess what? im going to do all of those (at least that is what i will try to do) the point of this assigned web project is to get students to write afterall, so i guess ill begin my first entry talking about myself a little more since my first entry probably didnt tell you much so here it is.. a short story about my life so far!
I live a life where the word "home" is defined in the broadest of terms, i had always lived in many different places and my idea of home seems less conventional compared to other people. I can pretty much say i live a nomadic life which allows me to travel to different parts of the globe thanks to my parents line of work, some called it a privelage but i used to call it a pain. Im Indonesian by nationality but thats all my nationality defines me as a person, the only indonesian atribute i can only attest to is probably my proefficiency in my native tongue. I spend short years in my native land before moving somewhere else outside the country to sum it all up i was born in Indonesia, raised in Germany, attended kindergarden back in indonesia, attended first grade up to fourth grade in South Africa, attended junior high school in Indonesia, attended my higschool fresman year in Pakistan, back to indonesia to finish my high school senior year and attended a local university and finally transfered to the US.
I pride my ability to adapt to various places given my unique lifestyle (imagine moving to many places all the time) and it also allows me to gain some knowledge on languages I interact with along the way one of them being English which is off course not native to me. Overall I gained a lot of experience along the way and it made the individual i am today. To sum it all up travel has always been a defining characteristic for me hence the title i picked for this blog (plus it sounds cool at least me) I guess thats all there is to it, im looking forward in learning what living in the States is all about at least until i have my bachelors degree and hopefull a classy Phd In International Politics or International Law and to fullfil my life long goal of becoming the UN secretary general hahahah.. (everyone needs a big dream!) Thanks for reading, and see you till the next entry anyways i add one of my fav acoustic guitar only music and its pretty much my rythmic ryme as i go out into the day enjoy :D

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

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