Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Evil Glare

 Date Night

hey guys! this would be my second weekly update on Karl Kerschl's work, there is still a semester worth up "mandatory updates" so you will be seeing a lot from this particular author in this blog until the end of the semester. Lets see now.. you were wondering why i put the "evil glare" for this title right? the third picture will pretty much tell you why!:D
This is what i would call the "are you trying to piss me off stare" the expression say's it all, it is the kind of expression my mom would give me for any so-called "misdemeanors" and a clear indication that im testing her patience to the limit and trust me its best to obey in these kind of situation to avoid getting lectured for more than an hour.. ok back to the main point, overall Its amazing how the author is able to portray human like emotions on animal's within his work which i find kind of neat! You must have seen these expressions in your everyday life, but it takes a lot of creativity to apply them to animal's as though they're human like by nature and personally i find this concept quite intriguing.. we always have this notion that animals are quite different from humans but by applying this interesting concept it's as though the author is implying that animals are like us! such as talking with their wife's, having to put their kids to beds and even having arguments with one another. It makes me wonder on where the author gets his inspiration for these pieces but i am certain of two thing; the author seems to have an affinity for animals and observing people's expression's (which takes sensitivity) i will be looking forward to what entries the author comes up next:)

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