Monday, February 20, 2012

Fan Fiction: Foundation Series

My first time ever writing a fan fiction and whats worst of it is for a novel that i don't particularly like! if it were not for the grades i wouldn't even consider it but i will do my best anyways. Well here it goes! please bare with me on this, the story takes place after professor Seldon's and all of the other supporters of the Seldon Theory are about to be exiled into Terminus using  Gaal as the main protagonist. He is the character i chose to use due to his surprising revelations upon arriving on Trantor that he along with other scientist are going to be exiled to Terminus. The method that i would use would be the position of a third person speaker instead of the first person method that Asimov used in narrating his stories.

It all happened so suddenly, as Gaal contemplated what was going on. Here he was a mathematician that was suppose to get a job under Seldon as a assistant lecturer in the University of Trantor soon realized that he was about to be exiled within six months time to an isolated planet based solely on one senile old man's farfetched prediction. He himself found it hard to believe that the Galactic empire with all its glory could ever fall. He scratched his head in frustration unable to process what was unfolding before him as he waited in Seldon empty dimly lit office room within the University. Trying to make sense of the situation only drives him to further frustration, several things comes to mind immediately as thoughts raced across his head: how could one coordinate a wide scale exodus of thousands of families into one remote planet in only six months worth of preparation? how would a population solely based on scientific research and people of science thrive at all? He paced the room anxiously awaiting Seldon's return, Seldon said that he has a short errand to attend to and said that he will only be gone for around 15 minutes. An hour has passed with no signs of Seldon at all, Gaal still has so many questions flying around his head and waiting seems to further agitate him.
After what seems like several hours way into the night finally Seldon emerged through the door with a weary face. He gave Gaal a weak smile before he seated himself to the nearest couch helping himself to pack of biscuits lying on the small wooden table. He took a deep breath and finally said "im sure, there is a lot of questions you would like to ask me, but i promise you there are more important things to concern ourselves within due time". Gaal finally asked "has the news spread yet to other scientists and their families that are working for you?" Seldon gave a light chuckle and said "thats exactly what im going to entrust you". Gaal was slightly upset at this point, here he is still many questions unanswered and Seldon seems to enjoy planning things for him to do without even as much consulting him with it.
Seldon begins to speak "massive migration on this scale has never been done throughout the galaxy's history, this will be the first. To this extent we should begin coordination at this very minute if we were to be prepared in six months time, there isn't a moment to spare" he then added "you along with other assigned people will go around and spread the news about our exile, to the people and families working under me" Gaal then interrupted "do you realize how long that will take? and how am i suppose to give them the news that they are soon to be exiled solely on your predictions alone", Seldon replied casually "you wont, encounter any problems while conveying the messages, as they all mostly men of science who clearly sees the validity of my theories. And believe me when i say the empire will be hounding and threatening the lives of people that are under me and exile is the only plausible option would be to accept exile". Gaal blurted out "isn't that selfish of you? your determining the fate of thousand of lives here! do you realize that you're asking us to leave our homes and most of our possessions based solely on a prediction, due to happen centuries of come!". Seldon stared blankly at the wall with a dark expression as though thinking about the notion himself he hesitated for a moment before finally saying "the fate of the entire civilization is in our hands, we will preserve all of humanities progress and achievement as the empire fall into barbarism. I stake my honor on it, the empire will fall with nothing to prevent it and the only thing we could do is shorten the length of barbarism. Think of all the human knowledge that will be lost the notion of progress and development that were to be lost if we don't undertake this important task. This is the only thing we could do to save the future of humanity". he continued "i will establish a functioning community there call it a refugee camp if you like of several scientists and their families protected by our technological advances as the empire slowly decays"
Gaal contemplated at Seldon's words there was a hint of truth and sincerity in his words so he finally gave his thoughts a rest at least for a while. Gaal finally interjected "ok, so what could i do to help?" Finally Seldon  smiled and said "your task my boy, is to travel as envoy along with other people i have assigned with to spread the words and find researchers capable of building an entire civilization out of limited resources. From there we could begin and talk about building a fully functioning society based on scientific research and development. But remember time is of the essence". Gaal spend the entire knight in seldon's office listening to his revolutionary ideas about starting a civilization from scratch, he had to admit that this man is of superior intellect his ideas are bold and eye raising and for the first time upon arriving at Trantor Gaal felt needed as he is a part of this grand scheme that will determine the fate of every human being within the empire's borders.
The next day on the spaceship terminal Gaal waited for the next flight that would take him out of Trantor which will ultimately begin his journey. Here he is a regional boy taking part in large plot to save humanity all of this seems exciting for him he took one last glance back to trantor before boarding his ship. He exhaled and said to himself "and so t begins" with a small smirk on his face.

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