Sunday, February 26, 2012

Essay Outline

Book: Foundation Series
Thesis: The foundation's ability to be a major influence in the galaxy without military means is a result of the foundations effective manipulation of its soft power (Technology and political influence)

Introduction: The foundation series written by the author Isaac Asimov which falls under the science fiction genre illustrates many political aspects that are relevant in actual life especially in the areas of international relations in terms of how does a state dominate the international system. The book proposes the notion that military power is not the only way to become a dominant player in the galaxy but also through the combination of effective leadership, technological innovation and establishing a religious hierarchy that serves the foundation's purpose.
Opening Body: The story revolves around the Galactic Empire and a prediction made by a man called Hari Seldon with a background of psychohistory predicting the fall of the Empire. Seldons views were viewed as nonsensical by the empire which resulted on his exile along with all of his other followers who believes in the Seldon theory to a far and desolate planet in the far fringes of the galaxy called Terminus. Here Seldon wishes to establish a scientific haven in order to preserve humanity's achievement if the galaxy were to fall in a period of barbarism after the empire's fall. From there on the plot revolves around how does the foundation survives while it is surrounded by hostile natives which hopes to exploit and conquer the foundation itself. This paper will focus on the aspects which made the foundation thrive against all odds and became a dominant power while other planets fall into barbarism.  
Body Structure:

  1. Explains the role of the foundations leadership from Hardin to Hobber Mallow
  2. Explain on how does technological superiority of the foundation made it a dominant power.
  3. Explain how the foundation established a religious hierarchy centered in the foundation itself help to foster followers from outside its borders
  4. Explains on how all of this things connecting them with the thesis.

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