Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Things That Ticks Me Off..


Yup, you guessed it! its another weekly update from Karl Kerchl's work from From the last post i have mentioned on how the author is able to portray daily human emotions in his work which makes it a unique genre in itself well here is another example of this author's work. This time its about birds and one of my least favorite animals bats! its shows several birds humming contentedly in the morning while the bat is clearly annoyed due to the noise and began to curse the ":four letter word" hahaha... i think the author gets the idea by the basic fact that birds are a lot more livelier in the morning while nocturnal animals tend to be inactive during these times which the author interprets as trying to get a good afternoon nap!
i can totally relate to this! the one thing i hate more than anything is being disturbed while i'm trying to get a well earned sleep especially after staying up late! without a proper nap people tend to have a bad attitude (which includes me) so in this particular comic strip, i feel the bats pain:(
but if it "were" me i would have walked straight up to the person disturbing me and give them a piece of my mind! Whatever you do "You do Not Mess With Sleepy People!" or you could get hurt or face quite a temper;)

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