Sunday, February 5, 2012

Educational Decline Of California

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Budget cuts to California's education system is increasingly becoming a dominant issue which could have severe negative implications for the state's future, in which it will ultimately lead to the decline of the number of educated professionals within the state. This policy will ultimately effect California's institution of higher learning by denying many students their right for accessible quality education to compete in today's globalized economy. Students have actively protested the budget cuts done by the state government in the form of active protests demanding the local government to take action against the ever increasing fees needed to pay for tuition's. There is also the issue of class reduction, the availability of classes and the reduction of professors where the irony lies in the fact that students continuously pay an increasing fee in order to get their degree. Me being an undergraduate student in one of California's institution of higher learning Calstate Northridge observed several negative implications one of them being undergraduate seniors finding it more difficult to find classes needed in order to graduate while the number of  student drop outs continue to increase day by day because these students can no longer cope with the tuition hike. This was a result of California's policy in further cutting an additional $600 million to the CSU system. According to the August 25th news article in 2009 from the "Daily News Los Angeles" California State University has slashed enrollment and increased tuition's by 20% and raised tuition fees almost 70% more than what students normally use to pay in 2007. Education is the pillar and foundation of the society we now live in and defines the very notion of progress and development, development cannot happen in places where the basic necessities of education is denied to its citizens! Education is every individual's right, and something people should fight for! For a country supporting the basic principles of Democracy the US has an obligation towards its citizens by providing them all equal opportunity! what will become of the US economy tomorrow if all the talented youths were denied the basic necessities needed for them to contribute for their country? it will be a bleak future indeed.

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