Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Among all off the other games i played so far none of them has captured my attention more than this particular game and i hope to use this game for project space if my professor allows it. The Final Fantasy series has always been one of the top rated game in the RPG genre with a huge fan base all around the world with each sequel having a story uniquely their own. Final Fantasy 13 is the first final fantasy sequel released for the ps3 and this one doesn't disappoint hardcore gamers at all as this game boasts stunning graphics, stunning video cut scenes, deep story line, remarkable character and personality details and a unique strategic battle system that requires to plan out their attacks strategically in order to win battles throughout the game.
The Story revolves around a world called Cacoon floating in the sky above. It was built by a magical god like beings called the Fal'cie that provided safe haven from what people living in it believe a dangerous world bellow  called Pulse. Both of these worlds are managed by their own Fal'cie. The people on Cacoon fear Pulse therefore the government of Cacoon is ordering to expel anyone out of Cacoon if there are any contact with any living thing or object from Pulse claiming them to be contaminated this policy is called the Purge. Our heroine Lightning an ex-soldier of cacoon begins her fight with the government in order to save her sister who has been branded as an unwilling servant by a Fal'cie from pulse, making her an enemy of cacoon and its inhabitants. Lightning is soon joined by bands of allies and together along with her that got branded by the same pulse Fal'ciem, if you were marked by a Fal'cie your'e obliged to do certain tasks that Fal'cie reqired of you if you were to fail you would loose your soul and become a zombie like creature called ciet'h forever, complete your task and you will turn into a crystal and have an eternal sleep similar to dying. The story follows the heroine along with her comrades as they rally against the government and finding their focus before they are doomed of becoming a crystal or a ciet'h.
RPG's in general have a distinctly unique way on manipulating space whereas mainly players act as a third person controller which determines the characters action and movements throughout the game. The player may experience some degrees of freedom in controlling their characters as they progress through the story line. Space in this game are in general huge and open with complex and detailed map types however it only allows you to proceed in certain routes which directly relates to the story itself or complete certain side quests along the way. Another important aspect of RPG's in general is the notion of leveling up your characters as you progressed through the game that you will need to do in order to beat various enemies which gets stronger along the story. Enemy encounters are done in maps as the character proceeds to the terrain basically you could choose to battle enemies or ignore it completely however this kind of actions will cause trouble when battling stronger enemies where you need more complex skills to defeat certain enemies and bosses.
Space also plays an important role when encountering enemies whereas you are dragged to a new screen uniquely costumized for battle and players command their characters to make a specific combination of  attack in order to win such as melee attacking, healing magic, offensive magic, defensive abilities and staggering opponents, this requires the players to master the strategical battle aspect of the game and switch battle strategies constantly in order to win. Overall i chose this game because it is a unique and vibrant combination of use of space in stunning HD graphics, interesting plot and story line, strategic warfare and stunningly realistic characters with personalities making this game one of my favorite games. If youre looking for those features i mentioned above Final Fantasy 13 will leave you speechless here are some videos that illustrates my ideas of game play and graphics

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