Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Higher Power: An Individual Perspective


Human beings are creatures that will never falter until they find the truth, it is always in our nature to be curious..
Questions after questions in ages past always emerged out of humanity's existence asking the very notion of humanity's purpose, what significance can a mere individual possibly have in this vast universe? how did we came to be in the first place? everything has to have a beginning.. even the basic notion of science claimed that "a matter could not exist without a catalyst" that lead many of us individuals to believe the basic notion of the "higher power". The divine entity that orchestrated the vast universe like a composer orchestrating his masterpiece, his tunes in accordance with one another in perfect rhythmic harmony. The highest peak to the lowest dept that exists in our earth to the every living things we see right in front of your eyes how can one basically claim that these things appear out of naught?
This Higher Power has humbled humanity for the past millenia, the very notion of worship itself emerges from our individuals inability to comprehend the greater work at play in setting our universe into motion. What is this greater power? it comes in many names Yahweh, Allah, Deva Buddha and many more but accepted universally as "god". Religion itself is a pathway which humanity itself has paved in order to remain in awe with this supreme being. Countless centuries of fighting have been rightfully justified in preserving the one true belief of the one so encompassing. Humans have waged war against one another on the behalf of this one divine being and in his name were many people slaughtered mercilessly throughout history. Has he always been there? watching us individuals brimming with benevolence as he gazed at his cherished creatures like many religious texts mentioned? one could wonder his very existence if one were to observe the corruption and injustice we see in the world today or was he simply not there? how could any individual believe something which is not physically present as a governing force determining the fate of the entire universe?
He works in mysterious ways people say, or is it simply that he is far too great for us mere humans to comprehend? people tend to find justifications for the things they cannot understand or challenge uncertainty by providing answers through the notion of rationale?
But what does this supreme being mean for me anyway? for me at least it comes from the feeling that there is something out there beyond metaphysics that you feel in every breath you take, every heart beat you feel and every vein pulsating in your body. The basic notion of knowing that us individuals are alive defines this feeling and it is my individual belief that one does not "look for god" but he" resides inside all of us" we are the representation of that harmony he had created which encompasses everything we see in front of our eyes 

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